Kodak scanners: The scanners from Kodak (Carestream) have been integrated into software digipaX. Therewith those devices are perfectly integrated into the workflow too. Thanks to delivery of the definitions of organs the cassette is by 2 clicks scanned and cleared.


Tailor-made solutions for veterinarians



  • specially adjustable mask to enter animal data

  • recording of animal species, breed, pedigree, chip etc. possible

  • Special measurement functions:
    • HD (Hip Dysplasia)
    • VHS (Vertebral Heart Score)
    • TTA (Tibial Tuberoses Advancement)
    • TPA (Tibial Plateau Angle)

  • flexible integration of diverse animal species for visual selection of organs

  • freely configurable organ charts

  • connection of diverse hardware for image acquisition possible (X-ray, ultrasound, ...)

  • adaptable for the takeover existing data (DICOM)

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