Kodak scanners: The scanners from Kodak (Carestream) have been integrated into software digipaX. Therewith those devices are perfectly integrated into the workflow too. Thanks to delivery of the definitions of organs the cassette is by 2 clicks scanned and cleared.


Good interaction of devices makes working efficient!



For bargain scanners rewritable screens are being used. Those are scanned and cleared again for next usage.


direct connection
  • iCR-Serie (iCRco)
  • Orex (Orex Computed Radiography Ltd.)
  • Carestream Vita- and PoC-Series
  • Carestream Vita Flex
integration via manufacturer`s software
  • all scanners with DICOM 3 interface (e.g. FUJI, Konika)




Detectors take the picture with special cameras and transfer the image data directly to a computer. They are considerably easier to handle and deliver sharper images.


direct connection
  • IONA-series PSA detector (Teleoptic PRC)
  • Perkin Elmer XRpad
integration via manufacturer`s software
  • all detectors with DICOM 3 interface (e.g. Trixell, Canon)




The digipaX software can receive exposure parameters of different generators. Those values (kV, mAs etc.) are automatically assigned to a proper image and saved along with it.


  • GENESIS 50 RFT (Joseph Betschart AG)
  • ProVario (Provotec)



Area dose product meters

As with the generators, the area dose product meters can be connected in order to assign measured radiation dose to a proper image and to save along with it. Those values are being used automatically also for entry into a digital X-ray journal.


  • KermaX IDP/SDP (Wellhöfer / Pehamed)



Other devices on request.


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