LabelPrint and Burning Robot: With digipaX it is now very easy to create professional patient CD's. You can either print a cover with the new print function for inkjet printers or automatically generate by a burning robot.


Good interaction of devices makes working efficient!



For bargain scanners rewritable screens are being used. Those are scanned and cleared again for next usage.


direct connection
  • iCR-Serie (iCRco)
  • Orex (Orex Computed Radiography Ltd.)
  • Carestream Vita- and PoC-Series
  • Carestream Vita Flex
integration via manufacturer`s software
  • all scanners with DICOM 3 interface (e.g. FUJI, Konika)




Detectors take the picture with special cameras and transfer the image data directly to a computer. They are considerably easier to handle and deliver sharper images.


direct connection
  • IONA-series PSA detector (Teleoptic PRC)
  • Perkin Elmer XRpad
integration via manufacturer`s software
  • all detectors with DICOM 3 interface (e.g. Trixell, Canon)




The digipaX software can receive exposure parameters of different generators. Those values (kV, mAs etc.) are automatically assigned to a proper image and saved along with it.


  • GENESIS 50 RFT (Joseph Betschart AG)
  • ProVario (Provotec)



Area dose product meters

As with the generators, the area dose product meters can be connected in order to assign measured radiation dose to a proper image and to save along with it. Those values are being used automatically also for entry into a digital X-ray journal.


  • KermaX IDP/SDP (Wellhöfer / Pehamed)



Other devices on request.


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