Frame grabber / video: With digipaX video signals can be digitized easily. You can record single images and image sequences and store this images for a patient.


For every need the right module!


Image und patient management, processing, import/export, printing
Manipulation per presentation states (original remains)
Shutter, LUTs, filter, measurement, histogram, drive monitoring


Connection of the practice management to data transfer to PACS
Back entry of the job into patient file

Connection RIS / HIS for data transfer to PACS
Returning message after the study is completed

Job management with central WL Server SCU/SCP
Simple selection of organ groups for formulating of the job

Extension of  the Worklist with automatic setting for X-ray generator, CR / DR scanfilter (if device supported)

Integration and management of CR, DR or DICOM folder
Query generator values, connection with the area dose product meter
Virtual lead letters, annotations, automatic image transformations
Background backup of recent radiographs

Creating of DICOM data storage devices (CD, DVD, BlueRay, hard disc, stick)
Selectable with viewer, anonymized, different images/patients

Excellent document archive (in the current DICOM format)
Therewith burning documents together with DICOM images as well as digipaX viewer onto patient CD is possible

Several patients at the same time
Windows printer, DICOM print

Automatic acquisition of parameters from DAP / generator
Export function in csv format (Excel) for printing out
Journal filter functions

Automatic loading of DICOM CDs, alternatively saving with patient allocation

Localite_Logo_RGBCalling the software LOCALITE OrthoPlanner with image transfer. Automatic updating of patient images after completion.

Freely definable automation for sending, mirroring, synchronization of DICOM files to any desired targets in intra- or extranet (time-controlled)

Stitching of single images (complete leg)

Query in SQL database
Access management, drive extensions and partitioning
Several archives at the same time

Job management (SCP)
Automatic distribution to different stations

Several job lists at the same time possible
Job timing and prioritization

Automatic data separation (according to GDT/BDT identification and target)

Specially adjustable Vet System
Visual organ selection for animals
Special measurement functions (HD, VHS, TTA, TPA)

print of the patient CD's with normal inkjet (with print function for CD's)
integrated cover editor
automatic integration of patient and examination data in the label
also suitable for multi-patient CD's


automatically burning and printing of patient CD's using burning robot
(e.g. EPSON DiscProducer PP-100 / PP-100N, Primera Disc Pusblisher / Bravo)
integrated cover editor
automatic integration of patient and examination data in the label
also suitable for multi-patient CD's

using multiple monitors
separate monitor with patientlist possible

predefined hanging protocols for mammography
self-definied protocols possible

connecting frame grabber to record video images (ultrasound, fluoroscopy, etc.)
single images and image sequences

automatic transfer of files to a patient and integrate the data in DICOM structure

integration of DICOM-compatible ultrasound equipment
data transfer via DICOM Worklist

integration of MRI devices Everest and Renex of company "S.P. Helpic Ltd."
diverse post-processing functions
filters for optimizing images

integration of Tomosynthesis devices PhoeniXray of company "Teleoptic"
diverse post-processing functions

Filters for contrast enhancement and sharpening
Magic Sharp function to sharpen the images with the mouse

storage of reports as an image file directly in the image archive
linking MS-Word based on templates - automatic transfer of patient and study data


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