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Yesterday was analog - the future is digital!




Due to direct integration of devices the digipaX software is eminently suitable for usage in radiologies and partial radiologies.

Perfect workflow within creating and forwarding the job orders, automatic generation of digital X-ray journal and automatic routing of images makes working easy, efficient and fast.

Connection to the commonly used practice management systems simplifies the operating. No more manual entries of patient data are necessary. Images are recalled directly from the record card of the patient.



With digipaX you integrate all modern ultrasound devices in one digitalized workflow. The patient data for creating worklist jobs are transferred just from the practice management. They are  retrieved by the device and images are then transferred per DICOM files into the archive. No entry of patient data at the ultrasound device is necessary - this saves time and forestalls errors.

Moreover, you need no video printer any more. You print out the images on normal paper through your Windows printer only if needed. In this way, you save the costs for purchase of a printer and expensive paper.

You can perfect the system further through the connection of a flatbed scanner for scanning documents.  Those can be then moved to the patient-related storage in the archive as well.

Medical practice


Due to increasing digitalization the PACS becomes usable also for all the physicians who do not use imaging procedures (X-ray, ultrasound, CT etc.) in their medical practices. The CDs with the diagnostic radiographs, that the patients deliver, can be loaded patient-related into digipaX system yet at the reception desk and afterwards are available per mouse click for the user at all times and at each computer workstation within the medical practice.

Direct connection with the performing radiologists via safe internet connection is possible as well, so that the radiographs can be sent directly to the archive of the referring physician.

Due to TWAIN interface and possibility of importing the graphics and documents (JPG, PDF etc.) a document archive is being made coincidentally. Medical reports are scanned and stored patient-related  in the image archive and certainly available everywhere and all times just per mouse click.

By only two mouse clicks you can apply each image to a Word document. This saves time and makes the work easier.

Joint practice


Shared use - separate archives!

Any special requirements of a joint practice are particularly well complained with digipaX.

Various practices, certainly with different practice management systems, share here one technique. Thereby each user works with his own patient base and own job list.

The images are recorded centrally for all physicians and automatically distributed to appropriate archives. With the perfect data safety, because each partner can retrieve only the image data in his own archive.

digipaX statistic module enables on demand due to use of various search filters allocating the services, which are specified in the job, according to clients and hence helps to estimate the spreading of costs in the clinic, ambulatory healthcare center or multi-practice medical care unit.



Furthermore, with the digipaX software system we offer cost-optimized, flexible solution for the application in clinic range and for ambulatory healthcare centers.

Various imaging modalities can be either connected directly or via standardized DICOM interfaces.






A flexible software system pays off. Due to intelligent and aimed adjustment features of the software the veterinary solution from digipaX is highly suitable for large and small animal practices, horse clinics as well as academic institutions.

Of course, takeover existing data stocks and their continuance is possible as well.

Adjustment of input masks and organ charts makes of it a tailor-made solution for every requirement.

Gemeinsame Nutzung-getrennte Archive!

Auch die speziellen Ansprüche einer Gemeinschaftspraxis werden mit DIGIPAX besonders gut erfüllt.

Verschiedene Praxen, natürlich auch mit unterschiedlichen Praxisverwaltungen, teilen sich hierbei eine gemeinsame Technik.

Dabei arbeitet jeder Anwender mit seinem eigenem Patientenstamm und eigener Auftragsliste.

Die Bilder werden zentral für alle Ärzte aufgenommen und automatisch an die richtigen Archive verteilt. Mit perfekter Datensicherheit da jeder Partner nur die Bilddaten aus seinem eigenen Archiv abrufen kann.

Das Digipax – Statistik Modul gestattet es auf Wunsch durch den Einsatz verschiedener Suchfilter die in Auftrag gegebenen Leistungen nach Auftraggeber zuzuordnen und damit bei der Berechnung der Kostenverteilung in Klinik, MVZ oder Mehrfachpraxis zu helfen.


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