Kodak scanners: The scanners from Kodak (Carestream) have been integrated into software digipaX. Therewith those devices are perfectly integrated into the workflow too. Thanks to delivery of the definitions of organs the cassette is by 2 clicks scanned and cleared.


Be a cut above the rest!


A changeover to digital radiology scares at first sight because of not insignificant investment. Seen longer-term this expenditure pays off indeed. Who needs only very few radiographs per week, would really like the advantages of a digital diagnostics, all other is an arithmetical exercise with economic factors (that like to be readily forgotten).


Economic advantages:

  • No more chemicals, films as well as recycling and disposal of those materials
  • Reduced electric power consumption, no water charges
  • Costs of archiving (rooms, furniture, film envelopes etc.) are away
  • 25% bonus with the insurance claim code 5298 for private patients and  work accident cases
  • Planning reliability due to fixed financing (regardless of how many radiographs)

Advantages in workflow:

  • Archiving follows automatically, recalling images per mouse click
  • Forwarding the radiographs to the patient or colleague on data storage device or electronically (original data remain in the archive)
  • Annotations are completely gone away (per mouse click a job is awarded, that is available as Scribor, X-ray journal and entry in record card)
  • As soon as images are loaded, they are available in entire network
  • Optimising of the radiographs by software saves often the second radiograph, postprocessing features exceed the ones of the viewers many times over
  • With the appriopriate technique the job delivers already the settings for CR reader, detector and generator

Ideational advantages:

  • Upvaluation of the practice due to modern technology
  • Increasing motivation of the physician and personal staff (easy handling, no darkroom, smells or containers with chemicals)
  • Findings can be better interpreted (annotations at the radiograph) - therapy will be accepted better
  • Bettered ray hygiene for the extremities, because X-rayed consistently with 400 (FEK)
  • PACS makes sexy!

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