Connection to external appliances: With the software digipaX data from external appliances (ie. radiology) can be received and integrated into the own system. Thereby all necessary adjustments follow automatically and entry in patient file can be made.


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The company digipaX is originally grown up from the radiology sector. Now we are a part of the digital future in the medicine. A vision was a custom-built PACS that meets 100% needs of a medical practice. The processes should be designed as optimal as only possible.


A simply and efficiently operating PACS for both human physicians and veterinarians remains our aspiration. Simple,  intuitively run processes, not least due to direct integration of hardware components, mark out the software. A comfortable connection to external software systems, like your practice management software, is a part of it as well.


High quality standard according to the statutory provisions is obvious. The design of the software follows ISO 13485.


Reasonably priced configuration and excellent service you can assume at digipaX. Our concept of service builds on well trained national and international partners and best introduced users. Regular updates for extension and adjustment to increasing demands and international norms are obvious.



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